The convict Saddam Hussein

(The following post was originally posted on November 06 2006)

Yesterday was a great day for humanity! Saddam Hussein, guilty of murder of hundereds of thousands of people, faced the death verdict himself as a punishment for his crimes against humanity. Even though the round-the-clock curfew was still current, loads of people with heterogeneous backgrounds took to the street during the day to celebrate the established verdict. In Shiite Hillah, 60 miles south of Baghdad, around 500 people marched carrying placards and shouting slogans denouncing the former dictator, who is accused of killing tens of thousands of Shiites following a 1991 uprising.

Saddam will be sentenced to the gallows, even though he protested against that saying he wanted to face death by a firing squad. It is really good that the judge did not comply with his wish, due to it would be as admit his status as a military leader. Now, he will be hanged like a thief, at the exact same status he begun his life. That is just fair play when dealing with a dictator like Saddam Hussein.

Kurdo Baksi, the Swed-Kurdish debater claimed that this was bad news for Kurds due to that the verdict did not contain Saddams’ murderous attacks on the Kurdish population. That is wrong however, due to the judge is a Kurd himself, and can very well represent all those that died and suffered in the genocide against the Kurds. Furthermore, the judge is also from the village Halabja that were attacked with poisonous gas in 1989 killing approximately 5000 people, giving it an even greater symbolic value.


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