Hamas moves into politics in Nablus

(The following post was originally posted on http://www.carlteglund.blogspot.com December 30 2005)

With Palestinian parliamentary elections less than a month away, the militant group Hamas looks set to repeat its successes in recent municipal elections. But what does it mean when a militant group comes to power? The population will be even more infected with extremist rhetoric that will only encourage the political violence spiral.
Hamas has always been and will always be a resistance party, and therefore is unable to work as a political one.


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7 Responses to Hamas moves into politics in Nablus

  1. Osip Nawal says:

    But you keep on abusin i. Osip Nawal.

  2. tegis says:

    abusing? abusing what? Hamas? *confused*

  3. Luukas Bride says:

    I think of all the times that I tried to lend a han. Luukas Bride.

  4. Liana Merete says:

    they’ll have you suicidal,suicida. Liana Merete.

  5. Eka Kolour says:

    damn all these beautiful gir. Eka Kolour.

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