Blasphemy in Stockholm


(The following post was originally posted on October 09 2006)

This week, an exhibition in Paris started up with the topic “Uppenbar(a)t”. It constitutes various paintings and “photos” of Jesus depicted as the Superman, mafiaboss Tony Soprano etc. As a non-beliver, I was slightly affected by this prank, but one question that just couldn’t stop crossing my head was: “what if he dared to do this with Mohammed as a source of inspiration?”. Of course he wouldn’t dare to, the risc of being killed is to impending, although if you do blaspheme one religion, why then not act consistently and put up a caricature of Buddha, Mohammed and so further. Oh no, damn, I forget! Then you insult the muslims and we will have planes crashing into Riddarhuset in Stockholm, women in Lebanon screaming after our desecrated penises and thousends of thousends of people roaming around like idiots, trample down one another till someone get killed, burning flags (no matter nationality (they all look the same)) and putting fatwas (promises of imminent death) on our asses.

So go ahead, blaspheme “my” religion. But just to remember, all you artists and curators who are working with this exhibition, you are all pathetic and inconsistent little imps!

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