Argentina – Juan Peron was a Nazi lover


(The following post was originally posted on November 20 2005)

Juan Domingo Perón Sosa (October 8, 1895-July 1, 1974) was an Argentine military officer and President of Argentina from 1946-1955 and 1973-1974. His politics would be dubbed peronism, and ment that you had a their road between capitalism and communism, which is also significant for the Social Democracy here in Sweden. Sadly, this politics have been widly spread in Latinamerica and is a good base for corruption, because it proclaims a huge state, with a lot of byrochracy.

There was an Argentine-German conspiracy to detach neighboring countries from their sympathetic posture toward the Allied cause. This conspiracy reached its maximum point of success in Bolivia, where a regime friendly to the U. S. was ousted by a military coup in 1943. Argentina was also active (if less successfully) in Brazil, Paraguay and Chile.

Heinrich Himmler’s Sicherheitdienst, or SD, the political-espionage service of the Nazi Party, moved without difficulty throughout Argentina for the entire war. In spite of an Argentine parliamentary commission on un-Argentine activities and a special office of the Federal Police deputed to prosecute such agents of espionage, Himmler’s operatives were rarely disturbed, and after they were finally jailed at the end of the war, they were released as soon as possible.

As late as 1944, the Argentine military thought the Nazis were going to win the war, and during the first months of 1945 tried to act as if they had. Having bet on the wrong horse, Peron and his associates, far from reproaching themselves for their bad judgment, or at least striving to correct it, closed ranks and came to the rescue of some of the most unsavory figures to escape Allied justice in liberated Europe.

After 1945, the Argentine consulate in Barcelona became a distribution point for false passports, which enabled literally hundreds if not thousands of Nazi functionaries to escape to Argentina, including the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele. Contemporary Argentina is therefore a haunt for old Nazis and Nazi offspring. All thanks to Peron!
Eventually Argentina provided safe haven for such sinister personalities as Belgian Nazi collaborator Pierre Daye; Reinhard Spitzy, the Austrian representative of Skoda in Spain; Charles Lescat, former Vichy functionary and onetime editor of the scurrilous magazine Je Suis Partout; SS functionary Ludwig Lienhardt; German industrialist Ludwig Freude; SS functionary (for a time) Klaus Barbie, “the Butcher of Lyons”; Eichmann; and Eichmann’s adjutant Franz Stangl. Argentina also became home to dozens of Croats, veterans of the bloodthirsty Ustashe, as well as the wartime Prime Minister of occupied Yugoslavia, Milan Stojadinovich. Some of these people had an important afterlife in Peron’s Argentina.

Money did have something to do with it. Argentine officials in Europe were known to sell passports for large sums. But there appears to have been a vague, confusing and still unexplained overlap between defeated Central European fascism, preconciliar Catholicism and nascent Peronism.
Thus the European fascist sensibility, if not precisely the fascist system, found new roots and new life in the Argentina.

Maybe this was the beginning of the cause that later led to the military coup in Argentina and killings of thousands, and makes it even more terrible that the Perionistas still are a powerful influent of Argentinian politics.


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One Response to Argentina – Juan Peron was a Nazi lover

  1. Nick says:

    I think your pen is too sharply pointed towards Argentina in this piece. Brief mention of the United States shielding thousands of former Nazi’s after the war due to their military value against the Soviet Union would have made your piece more balanced. Research “Reinhard Gehlen” for instance, and you’ll find the the Unites States kept much bigger fish than Argentina, not just free to live un-prosecuted, but to continue in their former careers. You can clearly argue that fascism has now found a home in the United States, particularly since 2008.

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